Fil Noir Roma HBD L/S Shirt | Brown Linen

Fil Noir Roma HBD L/S Shirt | Brown Linen

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FIL NOIR is a piece of Italian clothing culture, because the history of the brand began over a hundred years ago in Certaldo, Tuscany, where the brothers Luca and Lorenzo Manzini took over their father's men's underwear manufacture in 1899 and led to success.

With a passion for tailoring and fine materials, a flair for the spirit of the times and commercial skill, they created the first men's shirts. Impeccable, handcrafted production, the finest cotton fabrics, exquisite ingredients and fair prices were guarantees of success, beyond the national borders.

The shirts with the black seam: Fil Noir ("black thread") to be found on each product on the right seam.

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