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With a mil-spec style black dial, the Kilroy is a sleek, go-everywhere watch.

Includes a vintage-inspired 6-slot canvas watch roll. Perfect for traveling or to store your watch collection.

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The Redwood Kilroy Watch


The Kilroy | Heritage Inspired


From the mid-50s, the US mil-specs for field watches were rapidly modernized. MIL-W-6433/A lead to the A17/A watches with high grade movements, rugged cases and the legendary military time dials that would come to represent the quintessential military watch.

Evolving with MIL-W-3818 and 46374, our inspiration for the Redwood Kilroy only gained in popularity when McQueen wore the civilian version in Bullitt. Reinterpreted with modern dimensions and updated technology, it is ready for anything you throw at it. Even though most of us will never be wearing our watch while parachuting over the jungles of Southeast Asia, it is impressive to know the Kilroy has a solid historical background and the means to back its looks.


As is to be expected for a military tool watch, one of the most important aspects the MIL-W-46374 spec was legibility of the dial and hands. The Redwood Kilroy's high-contrast dial is devoid of unnecessary details and features large numerals for quick and clear reading with military time indicated on the inner scale. The pencil-shaped hour and minute hands are all business and the high-contrast red second hand helps confirm correct movement operation with just a glance.


The design of the Kilroy watch case is the embodiment of form following function, with a no-nonsense, rugged, all-stainless construction. The most noticeable update to the mil-spec watches is size. Whereas period watches had a diameter of 31-35mm, the Redwood is a modern 40mm, the sweet spot for a field watch. The brushed finish reduces unwanted glare with the PVD black model offering maximum stealthiness. The massive lugs are insurance against failure. They are drilled for convenient spring bar removal. The Redwood Kilroy watch is also equipped with an oversized screw-down crown for easier operation.


A critical requirement for period field watches was a waterproof and dustproof case to protect the movement from the harsh combat environment. The Redwood Kilroy watch stays true to the mil-spec spirit and uses modern technology for a reliable 100m/330ft of water resistance. To achieve this rating, both the crown and caseback are screwed-down and equipped with high quality seals


The Kilroy is equipped with a flat sapphire crystal. Being one of the hardest materials - rated at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds rate at 10) - it is very scratch resistant. Its flat shape also minimizes the risk of scratching it. It is mounted with special seals to ensure water tightness. Its 1.5mm thickness is designed to withstand the strong hydrostatic pressure experienced underwater.


With its solar-powered movement, the Kilroy watch offers a superior level of durability that will last you through any adventure. It is fully independent from external power sources.

The Kilroy watch is equipped with a miniature solar panel behind the translucent dial. A short exposure to sunlight or strong artificial light provides up to 6 months of power. A massive upgrade compared to the manual wound original mil-spec watches.


Original standard-issue watches used radioactive substances such as radium and tritium to provide illumination, causing safety issue during operation and disposal. Redwood uses non-radioactive Super-LumiNova pigments, a major improvement over period tech. The pigment appears white in daytime conditions and produces a strong greenish glow in low light after exposure to light or UV. All three hands and the triangular hour markers are coated.


The screw-down caseback of the Redwood Kilroy might seem strange for the uninitiated with a weird bald character peeking over a fence and the words “Kilroy was here” scribbled underneath. Although many legends exist, the exact origin of Kilroy remains murky. What we know is that Kilroy is closely linked to modern American military history. He first appeared around WWII and has been making appearances ever since.


Each Redwood Kilroy watch is shipped in a heritage-inspired watch roll. Borrowing design elements from the M42 field jacket, the sturdy watch roll is made of a thick olive drab 18oz cotton canvas with walnut brown genuine leather trim. The watch roll can hold up to 6 watches. It is a secure, safe and compact way to store and carry watches.

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