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Featuring a low profile with a suede upper and a rounded toe the Beenflex from Italian shoemakers Astorflex has all the makings of a classic. Made from Tuscan-sourced suede, these boots are buttery soft and ridiculously comfortable. The unique leather treating process makes the leather not only soft but helps to keep your feet dry and odourless in the heat with better absorption. Astorflex employs their signature 'Ideal' method construction where the outer stitching is visible along the edge of the sole and ensures a quality build. They also feature a chunky, crepe sole which gives a timeless rustic look to the shoe.

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Handmade Italian Footwear

Since the 1800s, Astorflex has been setting the gold standard for desert boots, earning a reputation as "the best in the world." And here's the kicker - they're still making magic in their sixth-generation family-owned factory, right in the heart of Italy

These guys are true masters of their craft. Every single pair of shoes is painstakingly handmade in Italy by artisans who've dedicated their lives to the art of shoemaking. The level of detail and finish on each shoe is absolutely exceptional.

The Sustainable Shoemaker

Let's talk about the nitty-gritty details. Take the insole, for instance. It's crafted from vegetable-tanned calf leather, a process that involves soaking the leather in a mysterious blend of water, powdered oak bark, and mimosa. The result? A leather that's not only softer but also healthier – hypoallergenic and geared for superior sweat absorption. Translation? Your feet stay dry and odor-free all day long.

This company is on a mission for sustainability, and they're not backing down. Most of their shoes rock outsoles made from responsibly sourced natural rubber, and any adhesives in the mix are water-based. That's right, it's as close to an 'organic' shoe as you can probably get.

So, when you slip into a pair from these folks, know that it's not just about style. It's about craftsmanship that's easy on your feet and even easier on the environment.